Hand crafted leather art from Bangalore


In his youth, Lalu Dass traveled from Bihar to Kolkata to take up a position with a Chinese shoemaker. The job then took him to Mumbai before he ended up in Bangalore. In 1965, having become a master shoemaker in his own right, Lalu Dass started his business on Brigade Road, Bangalore.

Today, one of the oldest shoe manufacturing shop in Bangalore still stands strong. While Lalu Dass still makes his appearance felt at the shop, it’s his son and daughter, Sunil & Babitha takes care of customers and continues the Lalu Dass legacy.

You will feel the difference when you visit Lalu Dass Shoe Maker. As Mr. Lalu Dass says, “It is just not about shoes, it is about people. We make relations, just not shoes.”

Mr. Lalu Dass believes that shoe making constitutes the very foundation on which a man and a woman stand upon.


Lalu Dass Shoe Maker manufactures leather footwear of all types, all sizes, all occasions, all styles, formal to casuals, possible with hands. You name it, we can make it. Below are few random ones  

 Sandals & heels
 Leather boots (ankle & knee boots)
 Orthopedic shoes, medical shoes, pain relief shoes
 Oxford shoes
 Chinese shoes
 Palm shoes
 Saddle shoes
 Boat shoes

 Horse riding boots
 School shoes for kids
 Office wears
 Slippers, flip-flops
 And Much more… Few of our customers also provide us the designs they want us to imitate ‘but’ with a difference.

What makes Lalu Dass Shoe Maker different?… Just visit and see by yourself.

We believe to work hard and provide you the best leather shoes craftsmanship. If we have served you earlier, please don’t forget to write a review on Google for us. Thanks a lot in advance.

Carefully hand made

Hand made shoes

Each shoe is a masterpiece.
From the beginning to the very end, the whole manufacturing proces is conducted with outmost care and mastery. 

Custom fit

Custom fit

Customers from all over the world have their measures entered in the Book Of Feet. No time for a visit?
> Just send us your request.

Bag, belts, wallets

Bags, belts, wallets

Bags, belts and wallets are perfect companions to go with your shoes. Custom designed to your style and made of 100% genuine leather.

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